BRINK E-Bike Day and Night Demo

Supported by Specialized & Exposure Lights

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Specialized Levo day & Night Demo

Friday 9th of December

Demo days are back at BRINK! This time we have got full fat Specialized Levo Ebikes for non stop laps and Exposure lights to light our way through the night and shoot all the squirrels with 2000 lumens worth of photons straight to the retinas!

Each session is a guided ride around Chicksands woods and will be 1-2 hours with a bit of time thrown in to ride some features! The team will be on hand to show you what's what and make sure you get the most out of your time. Then back to the barn for refreshments, recovery pizza and celebratory beer!

Things to bring:

  • Photo ID. Passport or drivers license.
  • Riding gear. Check the weather and gear up appropriately. All riders must wear a helmet as a minimum and preferably some clothes too!
  • Pedals. We'll have some standard flat pedals available, but if you ride clips or a have a particular preference, bring your own.
  • Your mum or dad if you're under 16.

Please arrive in good time before your session starts to get set up and ready to go. Bikes and slots are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.