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DMR Brendog Death Grips

Literally the best grips ever made. Ever!

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Dmr Deathgrip By Brendog

DMR asked Brenden Fairclough to design them a grip. We can imagine that once you get into this sort of thing it could be quite a difficult task. But, if you take pretty much every feature that any grip ever made has ever had, and then, put all those features into one single grip, can you imagine just how awesome that grip would be?! That's basically what's happened. Turns out it's pretty flipping awesome!


  • Tapered Core. No need for an outer lock ring. Just bash em on there real good and nip up the inner one. Less work and more comfortable.
  • Waffle and Knurl for grip, and even more grip.
  • Mushroom for a comfortable place to rest your thumb, and just because.
  • 2 sizes. Thin (29.8mm) just like normal. Thick (31.3mm) because its bigger.
  • 2 spaceship sounding compounds. Soft (20A Kraton) or Hard (25A Vexk) for your preference in feel and durability. It doesn't really matter which you use because spaceships are cool.

Dmr Brendog Death Grips Black
Dmr Brendog Death Grips Camo
Dmr Brendog Death Grips Gum
Dmr Brendog Death Grips Tango
DMR Brendog Deathgrips Blue
DMR Brendog Deathgrips Fluro Yellow
DMR Brendog Deathgrips Red
Dmr Brendog Deathgrips Red
Dmr Brendog Deathgrips Fluro Yellow
Dmr Brendog Deathgrips Blue
Brendan Fairclough Deathgrips