DYEDbro RRR Jersey


DYEDbro RRR Jersey

As part of our RRR x DYEDbro collection we wanted to make a Jersey that stood out from the others. With a very different background to what we are used to and inspired by the surf and skate cultures, RRR created this loud jersey for us!

The fabric of this jersey is made out of 100% PET bottles and comes with some awesome features, like UV 30+ protection, anti bacterial fabric and super fast drying capabilities.

DYEDbro Logo

DYEDbro started in late 2015 in Madrid by two friends, one a professional printer, the other a professional Mtb rider. At that time the frame protection idea was just starting. When they saw that they could actually print on the materials that people were using to protect their bikes, the idea sparked. Ever since the creativity has known no limits and we have an awesome product serving double duty by protecting your pride an joy and opening up a whole new level of customisation.

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