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Hope Tech 3 E4 Disc Brake

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Hope Tech 3 E4 Disc Brake

Tech 3 lever matched with the E4 caliper offers an excellent brake, perfect for the all mountain enduro rider and aggressive trail riders. Usable power, reliable and consistent with bling anodised machined aluminium bits to make your instagram bike photos look cool.

Unlike other brands offerings, these are fully serviceable, re-buildable and with parts at reasonable prices. UK manufacturing FTW.

  • Tech 3 lever offers genuine bite point and reach adjustment without tools
  • Rigid one piece caliper CNC machined from 2014 T6 aluminium alloy with top entry pad fitting
  • E4 caliper uses 4x16mm phenolic pistons
  • Ergonomic lever design to fit around other handle bar items
  • Tech 3 lever is directly compatible with Shimano I-Spec B shifters, separate direct mounts also available for I-Spec 2 & Sram shifters
  • Black, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue and Silver colours available
  • Choose either standard or braided hose (braided hose is an extra cost)
  • Compatible with 160, 180, 183, 200 and 203mm rotors
  • Weight from: 266g with standard hose, 300g with braided hose