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Mons Royale Tarn Freeride T SS20

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2020 Mons Royale Tarn Freeride T

Designed for the intensity of bike parks and freeride adventures Tarn is fast wicking with increased durability thanks to our new Merino Shift fabric. Merino Shift is an intimate blend of merino and polyester fibres which are then reinforced with an additional nylon fibre to increase strength and wicking speed.

  • Merino Shift blends merino and polyester making it fast wicking and durable for high output activities.
  • Relaxed fit.
  • Drop tail for extra coverage.
  • Hidden sunglasses wipe.

Mons Royale Tarn Freeride T SS20 Atlantic
Mons Royale Tarn Freeride T SS20 Sonic Lime
Sonic Lime