Ohlins DH38 Downhill Race Forks

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Ohlins DH38 Downhill MTB Race Fork

From concept to double world champion in 1 year, everything about this Öhlins DH Race Fork is fast.

When races are decided by thousandths of second, there is no room for error.Whether you are racing between the tape or trying to hit that next gap on your favourite lap, you have the support and control to push further, faster and harder than before. We have more pistons, more tubes and more offset options than you knew you wanted.

Öhlins TTX 18 cartridge kit featuring downhill-optimized 18 mm piston for improved small bump sensitivity. Increased damping pressure bandwidth to achieve improvements in damping valve response and sensitivity.

The adjustment range specifically for gravity use, both race and park. 15 clicks of low speed compression and low speed rebound and 5 clicks of high-speed compression. Twin piston three chamber air spring system, isolated from the upper tubes to reduced heat build up and featuring Total Tune Spring Curve System (TTSC) allowing total air spring tuning from the initial movement through to the bottom out.

Ohlins DH38 Features

  • TTX-technology
  • 160-200 mm travel
  • Independent air spring system
  • Independent damper system
  • 200mm post disc brake mounts
  • Boost DH hub spacing
  • SKF wiper seals
  • 38 mm upper tube diameter
  • Crown Offset 46/50/54/58 - Sold Separately, Choose your weapon
  • Compatible maximum tire sizes 29 x 2.8 and 27.5 x 3.0
  • Fender prepared
  • Race proven setting bank
  • Motocross inspired dual clamp floating axle

Ohlins DH38 Specification

160mm - 200mm
Travel Adjustment
Internally adjustable
Axle Spacing
Boost 110mm
Axle Type
Dual clamp floating
Damper Type
Twin Tube
Spring Type
3 chamber air spring
Compression Adjustment
High & Low Speed
Rebound Adjustment
Low Speed
Air Volume Adjustment
Infinite via 3 chamber airspring
Stanchion Diameter
46mm / 50mm / 54mm / 58mm
Steerer Type
Straight 1" 1/8
Steerer Material
Min. Rotor Size
Max. Rotor Size

Choose Your Offset

One of the outcomes of a fork being developed with the Race pedigree of Ohlins is that they recognise riders desire for specific offset. Choose you the crowns with the offset you desire.

If you're interest, our resident downhill world cup racer/hooligan penned an article on it here have a read: Fork Offset?

Ohlins Custom Tuning

Usable range. That's the Ohlins approach to clickers and dials. One setting doesn't necessarily suit every trail and environment. Steep, wet and gnarly is very different to dry, smooth and flowy. Each requires a different approach in order to get the maximum benefit from your suspension. The idea of 'useable range' is that every combination of user accessible adjustment, even the extreme limits of the dials, should result in a completely rideable experience giving you all the options you need to make on trail adjustments in response to changing conditions. To achieve this we can tune each fork and shock to suit you, your bike and your riding style and make sure you're getting the correct useable range and maximising the performance of your suspension.

Custom tuning is free of charge for all Ohlins suspension purchased through BRINK. Further adjustments can be made later for a small additional fee or as part of a standard service.

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BRINK is a official Authorised Ohlins Service Centre. Our dedicated Plush Suspension workshop houses a wide array of specialist tools and machines along with a large inventory of spare parts. All service, warranty and custom tuning work is completed on site by our very own suspension experts who have many years of racing and industry experience backed up by product specific training by Ohlins at their headquarters in Sweden.

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