Ohlins Hightower Custom Build

11 January 2017


Surely a match made in heaven! The Hightower is one of our favourites and it never fails to win people over. Bikes are so good now days. Buying a new one that's 'right' for you is a really hard decision. If your interested in a Santa Cruz, consider this. Every single person that we've let loose on our Hightower demo bike has returned with big smiles and credit cards in hand! 

This on is Ben's. He's a very happy man! We'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. 

The Ohlins name has long been legendary in the world of motorsport. It's only relatively recently that they turned their attention to mountain biking. The result more than lives up to their reputation. As an Official UK Ohlins Service Centre we carry the full range of forks, shock and hardware and we're always available for advice on fitment, setup and tuning.