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Orange 324 Custom Build

01 August 2016

The 2016 Orange 324 was the first frame to arrive in the barn back when we first opened. Conveniently sized in XL to fit a certain member of BRINK we had something special planned for it right from the off. It took a while to pull it all together, we got very busy very quickly, but once we finally carved out some time to get it all sorted, it turned out pretty special.

Dsc04119 1

The obvious choice was to jump on the orange Hope components bandwagon. The colour was newly released at the time and we wanted to show it off, although that orange KMC chain probably got more attention than anything else.


The frame originally came with white printed decals. They looked a little underwhelming with the dark charcoal colour bleeding through from behind. We chose this custom cut orange vinyl after testing 14 different types of material and colours to get a really vibrant orange and a durable finish. It was expensive, but worth it.


The 2017 324 geo is the same as the 2016 model however it has had a few small but significant updates over this 2016 model. First was a move to ISCG 05 for the chain device mount. Next, the rear chain stay now doesn't look like its just been wacked with a hammer to make it fit, and lastly, the pinch on the rear axle is now accessible without having to remove the rear mech. All welcome changes but at heart, just like this one, its still the animal it always has been.