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Wax Brush - Set

Wax Brush - Set

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Wax Brushes are the most underrated tools in waxing + tuning. Brushes can help prep skis + snowboards to efficiently receive wax and they also help remove excess wax that is left on the base after scraping. Also, they're really fun to use and there is a zen essence in diligently brushing out a pair of skis. Namaste!

  • All brushes have a nice wooden, ergonomic handle.
  • Most Brush Sets are sold in a cheap plastic case. Ours come with a custom bag that is made from 100% organic cotton. It's just nicer. 
  • PREP | Brass Brush: prepare the bases before applying a fresh coat of the wax. Removes old wax and dirt.
  • FINISH | Nylon Brush: use after scraping to remove excess wax and expose the base structure.
  • POLISH | Horsehair Brush: polishes the base. Adds a nice shine and removes any lingering wax particles that might impede the glide.

PRO TIP: The base structure (the wavy lines on the bottom of your skis or snowboard) is a major component of glide. The structure helps to move water away from your bases so you can avoid that stuck, suction feeling. Wax Brushes exposure the structure so it can work its magic.  

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