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PUSH HC-97 RockShox Damper Upgrade

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PUSH Industries HC-97 Compression System - RockShox Charger Damper Upgrade

Performance Redefined

Manufactured and hand assembled in-house by the legendary suspension technicians at PUSH Industries, the new HC97 Compression System
replaces the stock compression assemblies found in the RockShox Pike, Lyrik & Yari forks*.

What does this mean for riders?
Increased traction and small bump sensitivity with higher levels of stability and control all while giving riders more external fine-tuning
control over their front suspension.

The PUSH engineers focused on creating a far more useable adjustment range for riders looking to get the most out of their front suspension. With an updated 28 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment externally, riders will no longer find themselves hunting for a setting “in between” clicks. Utilizing the parabolic low speed needle design, borrowed from ELEVENSIX, riders have a precise and consistent change between each click. Additionally, the high-speed compression adjustment of the new HC97 Compression System features a fine thread adjuster barrel also offering 28 clicks of precise resolution over the damping curve range.

  • ELEVENSIX Compression Valve Technology for your fork
  • Pressure Balanced Symmetrical flow rate for increased traction and control
  • Provides smooth plush ride without being mushy
  • “Shim-Less” High Speed Compression Valve for seamless and smooth damping force in consecutive bumps providing a controlled and compliant ride
  • 28 Clicks of external Low Speed Compression adjustment featuring a Parabolic Needle Shape for precise incremental adjustment range
  • 28 Clicks of external High Speed Compression Damping featuring a fine resolution thread for precise incremental adjustment range
  • Includes Rebound shims for Revalve

* Compatible with:

LYRIK - all forks equipped with RC, RCT3 and RC2 Charger 2 or 2.1 damper cartridges

YARI - all forks that have an upgraded RCT3 or RC2 Charger 2 or 2.1 damper cartridges

PIKE - all boost (15x110mm axle) forks with Charger 2 or 2.1 damper cartridges