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BRINK Custom Build Bikes

19 May 2022

BRINK Custom Builds

We’ve built a few custom bikes in our time, and we love every single one.

The process of creating a truly unique bike from the ground up is the best! But that blank canvas can seem quite a daunting place to start…performance and compatibility issues, availability, lead times, and most importantly what the jigsaw looks like when you put all the pieces together.

So we’ve got a few bikes that get some of those difficulties out of the way, pre-built custom builds with help from some of our industry friends to create some truly unique bikes without the custom build price tag.

HMB - Hold My Beer!

Hold our beer whilst we take the greatest bicycle frames then dangle all very best bits from it with no holds barred. Imagine how badass your Christmas tree would be with Ohlins baubles, Burgtec fairy lights, titanium tinsel and carbon angel at the top holding a machine gun!

We don’t muck about, and these things don’t hang about. These are one off dream bikes, buy it, dream about it, then wake up and ride it… don’t forget to take some nice pics of it as well, these beauties are puuuurrty.

BRINK HMB Custom Builds 1
BRINK HMB Custom Builds 3
BRINK HMB Custom Builds 5
BRINK HMB Custom Builds 2

RTR - Ready To Ride

Custom builds don’t need to have the biggest price tag. In fact, sometimes with some smart planning and industry support from Brink’s partners, you can spend the money wisely on the parts you shouldn’t scrimp on, like frame, suspension and cockpit then opt for the functional stuff for the bits you’re going to wear out or wheels that you’ll likely case to oblivion anyway!

We are every bit as proud of these bikes as any HMB and we work hard to find value where some manufacturers 'out of the box' specs sometimes struggle. They bring the best bits of a custom build at a price point that’s more budget friendly... and like any custom build they are all unique one-off builds. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

BRINK RTR Custom Builds 1
BRINK RTR Custom Builds 3
BRINK RTR Custom Builds 2

Ohlins LTD Editions

We've worked with Ohlins for years now and they continue to out perform the competition across the board. It's not that the offerings from the other usual suspects in the industry are bad, there's just something about how Ohlins operate, their engineering prowess and all that heritage that results in something quite special.

A simpler proposition than a full custom build of any variety, we're essentially just swapping out the front and rear suspension on a standard manufacturers specification. Except we keep the parts we're removing for use elsewhere, we take into account their value and pass an overall saving on to you. Win win!

BRINK Ohlins LTD Editions

Dream Builds

Looking for something extra special? HMB not quite cutting it? Do you look at the sky and see no limit? There's all sort of wonderful things we can do beyond the realm of a HMB bike. Everyone's dream bike is different, the pictures say it all. If this is you, we should talk.

BRINK Bespoke Builds 4
BRINK Bespoke Builds 5
BRINK Bespoke Builds 2
BRINK Bespoke Builds 3
BRINK Bespoke Builds 6