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Santa Cruz 6R4 HT2

05 October 2021

Group B Rally Inspired

The new Autosport mag arrives in the post for my Dad. I wait patiently for him to hand over the free poster and I run excitedly to my room to add it to my wall of 90s race cars.

One such event gifted me a “double pager” of the eye-melting MG Metro 6R4.

Rothmans 6 R4

This simple memory of a poster on a bedroom wall inspired me to build a bike in the spirit of the MG GroupB beast (without the 3L Williams engine and without the 410bhp and without a roll cage etc but we’re splitting hairs).

The brief was simple, build something:

  • With 6R4 livery

  • That was as light as possible

  • With mixed wheel sizes

  • Custom Ohlins suspension

6 R4 start paint
6 R4 paint
6 R4 post paint
6 R4 build
6 R4 Brink
6 R4 Ohlins

All in the detail

This wasn't as straight forward as bolting a bike together. There were some extra mods that we needed to make this bike exceptional.

  • Frame Modifications: Cascade link mullet conversion
  • Full Ohlins suspension custom tuning
  • Rear Axle: Burgtec Santa Cruz 168.5mm Rear Axle - T 12mm / TP 1.0mm Race Red
  • Linkage bolts: UNITE Santa Cruz Linkage Bolts Red Santa Cruz
  • Shock Bolts: Burgtec Ti
  • Tubeless Valves: Peaty's Mix kit
  • Frame plugs: AXS frame plugs
6 R4 Ohlins
6 R4 paintjob
6 R4 Back end
SC MG 6 R4
Peatys 6 R4
6 R4 side
6 R4 cockpit
6 R4 Ohlins fork
6 R4 Burgtec
6 R4 rear quarter

HT2 6R4 Spec

Ohlins RXF 36 M2 Air (Light compression tune)
Ohlins TTX coil (C40 compression tune/R60 rebound tune, large bump stop, 540lb spring)
Burgtec RideWide Carbon Enduro 35 bars 30mm rise 800mm wide
Burgtec Enduro MK2 35 Stem Black 42.5mm Reach
Burgtec Bartender Pro Minnaar Grips Nasa Grey
Hope / Hope IS42 Headset Top Cover Red
Sram Code RSC
Sram X01 AXS Wireless
Sram X01 Carbon
Rear Derailleur
Sram X01 AXS Wireless
Sram X01
Sram X01 Gold
Chain Device
Absolute Black Oval Bash Guide ISCG05
RockShox Reverb Stealth
Burgtec The Cloud Saddle Carbon rails
Front Hub
I9 Hydra
Rear Hub
I9 Hydra / Sram XD
DT Competition DB
SantaCruz Reserve carbon 29” front 27.5” rear / 30mm width
Maxxis DHR

Notable drivers: Harri Toivonen, Malcom Wilson, Jimmy McRae, Mat Clark

Credit to:

Design: TheEndInFrench (AKA Big Fin) / Velofique designs

Paint: Velofique designs
Build: ‘Sticky’ Micky Boswell
Photos: Dean Smith
Car: Dave Jonson

SC HT2 6R4 @snideart

We are proud to be able to offer this bike alongside some amazing original artwork from @snideart for you to hang in the garage. The perfect compliment to the coolest bike we've ever built!

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