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SDG Duster P Mtn Ti-Alloy Saddle

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SDG Duster Mtn P Ti-Alloy Saddle

Performance, comfort and killer looks. Choose all three!

The long flat nose and the deep and full length peri-canal is a stroke of genius. It allows you to shift weight on the climbs whilst still have the pressure relief of the deep channel.

The flat profile helps shift weight upfront when you climb, and out back when you point the bike back down the hill.

SDG call it a Plush Mid EVA foam used, but don’t fret weight weenies this is still a superlight seat, and the Ti-Rails don’t hurt!


  • Rugged, durable and all day comfort with Kevlar sides. Ideal for XC, trail, enduro and downhill
  • Flat-Forward Platform allows ease of movement on the saddle
  • Deep Peri-Canal: Continuous relief channel from tip to tail
  • D2 Edge Flex provides softened edges for optimal pedal strokes
  • Wider nose platform to aid in climbing
  • Plush Mid-Density EVA foam
  • 2pc Microfiber top with Kevlar sides
  • Ti-Alloy rails
  • Length x Width: 285mm x 140mm
  • Weight: 240g