What is InvisiFrame?

It is a wonderfully simple idea that goes along way to protecting your pride and joy as well as making it something extra special.

InvisiFrame is a thin Tape that is exceptionally strong and resistant to scuffs and wear. and by putting it on your bike it means that if your Steed gets scratched it will be in the inviframe and the frame will be good as new underneath.

InvisiFrame also offer Custom Decals which allow you to make you bike something individual and make your bike the bike you've dreamed of.

InvisiFrame Makes each kit custom to the model of your bike including the size of it, meaning that it will protect your bike without you even noticing it!

InvisiFrame Pricing

Bikes & Frames purchased from BRINK
£100 (Kit Included)
Bikes and Frames purchased from a 3rd party
£150 (+ cost of kit. Approx £70 - £80)
Wheel Decals