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Specialized Demo 8 Custom Build

01 August 2016

This one has been in the works for a while. A true deam build paid for by actual hard earned £££. There's something different about a bike of this caliber that's funded from someone's own pocket, rather than handed over by a lucrative sponsorship deal. There's true freedom of choice here. The someone in this case is Ivan, the cost of the build was real but the amount was easily balanced by his obsession. He's no millionaire, there's nothing taken for granted here. He works hard and now he gets to play harder than ever.

Specialized Demo 8 Custom Build

Renthal Fatbar Carbon bars and Integra 45mm Stem. Space is tight with the 40's but looks super neat. SRAM Guide Ultimate's providing maximum stopping power and are as neat as it gets with the matchmaker for mounting the shifter.


SRAM X01DH on shifting duty. Initially went for a KMC X11SL DLC chain in black/yellow but for quietness and smooth shifting this was quickly swapped out for XX1 Hollow pin SRAM chain. The SRAM X01DH cassette sits perfectly with the Hope Pro 4 DH rear hub and allows for an almost dishless wheel build.

Power transfer is handled by the lightweight and strong Raceface SixC 165mm cranks and HT Components ME03 Magnesium Pedals. Colour matched crank decals supplied by Slik Graphics.


ENVE M90 TEN Carbon rims laced to Hope Pro 4 Hubs with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. Really easy to build and super strong. ENVE have your back with an excellant warranty if you manage to smash 'em up. Custom wheel decals supplied by InvisiFRAME. Custom fork decals on the 40's supplied by Slik Graphics. The Schwalbe Magic Marys were a total PITA to fit. If you know, you know! Many swear words helped.


Fluro yellow for all the contact points. Jury took a while to decide on that one. They may or may not be still deliberating, depending on who you speak to.


This is a proper dream build, a real head turner. It was an absolute pleasure to bolt it together. We're just left wondering what might come along in the future to knock it off its throne.