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Specialized Enduro

23 September 2019

Specialized Enduro

The new Enduro has landed and has done away with old X-wing Design, and brought the new Demo inspired over from the World Cup-winning Downhill Rig. Here we have the Top Spec S-Works model, a purebred race bike design to win races in the most technical terrain.

The new lower-link design has a rearward axle-path to allow the rear wheel to move out the way of rocks and roots, which means the rear wheel doesn't hang up and keeps the bike moving forward, meaning you go faster!

A7 R03206
A7 R03210
A7 R03183
A7 R03228
A7 R03217
A7 R03188
A7 R03185
A7 R03186
A7 R03187
A7 R03226
A7 R03184
A7 R03195

Specialized Enduro S-Works 2020

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