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Transition PBJ

22 December 2021

Transition PBJ

Not only is the PBJ the king of all combination sandwiches, but It's also the king of the trails!

With the perfect blend of forward-thinking geometry, bomb-proof spec and rad looks it is in our opinion the best jump bike on the market!

Here's what Transition say:

"The PBJ is one of the longest-standing models in our lineup, and for good reason. Unique geometry developed by our very own Lars n' Bars creates a bike that mountain bikers will immediately feel at home on. Relaxed geometry that is stable at higher speeds and big jumps, yet fun and nimble enough for the tightest of pump tracks.

The PBJ will simply make you a better mountain biker and help you take your pumping, bumping and jumping skills to the next level. The new X-long size PBJ has a longer reach as well as a longer chain stay. This size isn't just for tall riders, it's also great for people looking to have a pumptrack/dirt jump bike that fits similar to their trail bike. For days when you go from the mountain, straight to the neighbourhood pump track, you can seamlessly transition from bike to bike without any adjustment time."

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