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Upgrade Pricing Offer

12 October 2022

Upgrade Pricing Offer

Big discounts on upgrades when purchased with new bikes.

Straight out of the box, many bike builds may not come complete with your ideal set up, potentially leaving you wanting when it comes to your ideal spec or favorite components. Even if the manufacturer manages to completely nail your dream spec, there’s still endless opportunities for customisation and putting your own stamp on your new provide and joy.

Our upgrade pricing offer makes it easy for you to swap out components to your preference, or upgrade key bits of equipment to suit your specific requirements.

How it works

Take brakes, a component that splits opinion more than most as an example. For some the on/off feel of a Shimano brake is a necessity in order to inspire confidence that when you pull that lever you know they are doing their job. For others the modularity of a SRAM brake better suits their desire for something that feels like there’s more control.

Your new bike comes with Shimano brakes. You prefer SRAM.

We take off the Shimano and give you 50% of their manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) towards the cost of your SRAM Upgrade.

You get the brakes you want for a healthy discount.

We keep the brakes you don’t want for later use in the workshop. We call these Take-Offs.

The Rules
  • You can upgrade any component you like.
  • Upgrade pricing is only available on sales of new bikes.
  • You can combine upgrade pricing with our store credit offer.
  • You can keep your take-off components if you prefer, but you won’t get a contribution to your upgrade if you do.
  • There may be a lead-time to consider with any upgrades depending on current availability.
  • Upgrading some components may require other items to be changed in order to ensure compatibility.

Interested in upgrade pricing? Get in touch with a member of the team and we’ll work with you to get your new ride setup just how you like it.

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