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Brink Ohlins Ltd Editions

20 January 2023

Brink Ohlins Ltd Editions


1 x Awesome bike

1 x Ohlins fork (2140g - 2320g)

1 x Ohlins Shock (Air or Coil to taste)


  • Take your already pretty tasty bike and remove the stock suspension.
  • Place the old suspension to one side.
  • Remove the fresh Ohlins suspension from the packet, and prepare both the fork and shock for fitting.
  • Make sure the rear shock is tuned perfectly for the specified bikes leverage rate. Ideally use your in house suspension tuning company Plush Suspension to provide you with all the tuning know how needed to perfect this step.
  • Now the suspension is tuned we can fit both the fork and shock to the bike.
  • Make sure the travel of the fork is correct and proceed to set the suspension up for the riders weight. Again if you have an in house suspension tuning company this is an ideal time to get them out of the cupboard!
  • Check that all settings work well for the rider. Pay close attention to the externally adjustable ramp control on the fork and the adjustable volume on the rear shock.
  • Make sure your high speed and low speed damping controls are optimised.
  • It does help at this point to leave the bike for 5-10 mins and just stand back and stare at it. Note how rad the yellow Ohlins logos look!
  • Now its time to ride! Make sure you pay attention to just how fast you're going, now with more control and bags of confidence!
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