Burgtec Top Cap


Burgtec Top Cap

When you’ve got to finish your bike off right.

The Burgtec Top Cap, Top Cap Bolt and Stem Spacers are the perfect finishing kit.

Available in 9 colours

Mix and Match to suit your bike.

  • Top Cap only works with Burgtec Top Cap Bolt.

Burgtec Top Cap - Colour Options

Burgtec Top Cap Black
Burgtec Top Cap Toxic Barbie Pink
Toxic Barbie Pink
Burgtec Top Cap Gold
Bullion Gold
Burgtec Top Cap Silver
Burgtec Top Cap Iron Bro Orange
Iron Bro Orange
Burgtec Top Cap Kash Bronze
Kash Bronze
Burgtec Top Cap Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Burgtec Top Cap Deep Blue
Deep Blue
Burgtec Top Cap Race Red
Race Red
Burgtec brand LOGO

Burgtec have Quietly Been making some of the worlds most durable and long lasting components for well over a Decade. Burgtec components are built for the long days shuttling DH trails and the days for mucking around in the Drift tracks with friends. In recent years Burgtec popularity has skyrocketed with the likes of Josh Bryceland, Greg minnaar and Josh Lewis all using their components. But despite the Increased demand Burgtec's quality hasn't wavered at all they have brought out a whole host of top tier products in the past year.

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