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Buying a bike from Brink

22 June 2022

Buying a bike from BRINK

We've been building high end mountain bikes as Brink since 2015, but for all of us here the story goes a lot further back than that. Brink's founders discovered their passion for riding and racing as kids way back in the 90's. Bikes have been a permanent fixture in our lives ever since. It's a similar story for the rest of the team here. A new hobby became a passion, which became a career. Although many of them have taken a few less laps around the sun! Taking the time to enjoy simple pleasures and frequent thrills of riding a bike formed part of who we are. Building the best bikes from the best brands in the world is what we do, and we're very good at it too!

Bikes at this level are a significant investment both mentally and financially. In an industry where the the same parts and accessories used by the sports elite are readily available to you off the shelf, there's a lot to consider. It's important to note that just because the sports elite athletes and racers use particular equipment, it doesn't exclude the same gear being used by the weekend warrior a couple of times a month. With the right insight you can take full advantage of all the benefits the high end has to offer, and with the right advice, you can maximise the impact of your hard earned £'s on more budget friendly options. We love what we do here and we all find great satisfaction in sharing our experience and playing a part in some small way in your onward journey.

Some things you should know

Buying Online

If a readily available standard option is right for you, you can go ahead and place an order through our site, pay securely with a range of payment options available to you. We'll build and ship your bike to you as soon as we can. With a bit of friendly communication from us along the way of course! However, with such a wealth of options and potential decisions, more often than not, there's a bit more to it. Should you need them, our team is on hand to walk you through options, availability, customisation, budgets and despite the barriers inherent with buying remotely, add a personal touch we hope you'll remember. We build and send bikes all over the world and we're always happy to be your first port of call should you need assistance with your purchase in the future wherever you may be.

Buying In Store

We've got a barn, actually a few barns, packed full with all the good stuff we have to offer. There's a full service workshop staffed with some of the most knowledgeable mechanics in the industry, a bottomless coffee pot, loads of parking and rumour has it, the sun always shines here! We also have Plush Suspension in house. Plush are the UK's leading mountain bike suspension service and tuning workshop. Their expertise is second to none and their advice is always on tap. At Brink, you'll find a warm welcome and friendly advice no matter what your skill level or experience.

Customisation, Upgrades & Take-offs

Making your new bike just how you want it is all part of the experience. We can accommodate everything from full on custom builds, to swapping the odd part here and there to suit your needs or preference. The majority of bikes leave us with at least something different about them whether that be an upgrade in spec or a like for like swap for another brand on component. A common example of this is brakes. Brakes are one of those components that need to feel right. Take SRAM vs Shimano for instance. Both companies make great performing brakes, but in use they feel very different. To some people the 'on/off' confidant feel of Shimano is what you're looking for, while others find the more modular feel of SRAM to be preferable. The debates on what is best will rage on between the team here in perpetuity, but which ever side of the fence you're on we're happy to accomodate. The aim is always to get you the bike you want, just how you want it. Whether that be box fresh as the manufacturer specced it, with a few changes here and there or a complete bespoke spec just for you.

Contact the team

On the phone

+44 (0) 1462600111 - Option 2 for sales.

By email



Hit the little blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen. If one of the team is available we can answer your questions immediately. If not leave us a message and we'll reply asap.

In person

Feel free to visit the barn anytime during normal opening hours for a coffee and a chat. Or keep an eye out for us at the big events of the year in the UK. We're always happy to talk. And drink coffee. Or maybe beer.