Hope Brake Mount Adapter


Hope Disc Brake Mount Adapters - Post, IS and Flat Mount

Hope Technology CNC machined mounts offer precise fitting to most frames and forks.

Key Features:

  • All mounts come with bolts to fit to fork/frame
  • CNC machined aluminium from T6 2014 alloy
  • Rotor sizes from 140mm up to 203mm
  • Available in black or silver

Take a look at the selection chart below, there are a couple of notable mounts. H and K are the adaptors you need if you want to fit a larger rotor to a 180 post mount (H for 200, K for 203)... Your welcome ;)

Hope Post Mount Adapter Guide

Hope Brake Mount Adapters Post Mount

Hope International Standard (IS) Adapter Guide

Hope Brake Mount Adapters IS International Standard

How to identify Brake Mount Types

Hope Brake Mount Type Identification Guide 01

NOTE: 180, 183, 185, 200 & 203 diameter brake discs.

Over the years there has been some confusion over these 'middle' sized brake discs. Although Hope will continue to manufacture 183mm discs and their corresponding H and J mounts, they have decided to standardise on the more common 180mm disc size


Post Mount tab position varies depending on the manufactures intended minimum disc size. Pleas contact your fork or frame manufacturer to identify the Post Mount standard being used.


For future proof assemblies preferably use the following disc sizes:

140 / 160 / 180 / 200 / 220