The ultimate performance upgrade?!

OChain helps to eliminate pedal kickback. But what is pedal kickback I hear you shout?

Pedal kickback can be defined as the degree to which your cranks rotate backwards (pulled by your chain) as your suspension compresses through its travel.

This backwards movement of your cranks can be as much as 12 degrees, and when you consider your suspension system has to lift your entire weight on the pedals through a maximum of 12 degrees on big hits you can see why the OChain will drastically improve the suspension feel of your bike.

This 12 degrees of kickback yanks on your cranks like an angry Pitbull terirer on a short lead through rough sections of trail.

Fitting an OChain to your bike is like replacing the Pitbull with a kitten made of feathers on an elastic band. I think we can all relate to that situation! 

So what does it do? Watch and find out!

How to service your OChain