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Continental Xynotal Trail Tyre

Continental Xynotal Trail Tyre

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The specialist for harder terrain, the XYNOTAL is available in 8 formats to suit Downhill, Enduro and Trail riders. 

Angled in-line shoulder studs for predictable and indulgent transitions. The benefit : a high limit range can be reached predicably and safely.

Pronounced positive profile with a large number of contact areas.. Benefit : harmonious riding behavior and high grip on hard and slightly loose surfaces.

Pronounced ramps in the direction of rotation ensure harmonious and easy rolling. Benefit : low rolling resistance and improved grip on hard surfaces. 

Every XYNOTAL tyre is tubeless-ready, featuring a folding bead and is E-rated to 25kph. 

  • For harder terrain
  • DH, Enduro & Trail casing options
  • Supersoft, Soft & Endurance compound choices
  • 6 ply DH casing negates the need for tyre liners
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