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Daysaver IncredibleX

Daysaver IncredibleX

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If Chuck Norris were a multi tool, he'd be an IncredibleX!

In the beginning there was nothing ... then Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked nothing and told it to get a job!

And thats what this tool does. It roundhouse kicks other tools right int the face and says "get a job"

Shaped like an Allen key and made from 57 grams of hardened stainless steel, the IncredibleX is obviously not as tough as Chuck Norris but it's certainly more versatile with 8 tools awesome tools.

The double-sided bits can be freely configured to your needs with the patented MixMatch lock-interface, which holds the bits rock solid together like Chuck Norris crushing a solid steel bar with his bare hands!

Here are some of Chucks favourite bits included with the incredibleX:

  • MixMatch Hex 2
  • MixMatch Hex 2.5
  • MixMatch Hex 3
  • MixMatch Hex 4
  • MixMatch Hex 5
  • Single-sided Hex 6
  • Hex 8 (integrated in the short lever arm of the tool)
  • MixMatch Torx 25

Available add-on bits

  • MixMatch T10
  • MixMatch T15
  • MixMatch T20
  • MixMatch T30
  • MixMatch Plus (JIS)
  • MixMatch Flat head


  • Fully customisable by MixMatch bits
  • Stores 2 MixMatch, double or single sided bits in the 2 retentions
  • Stores 2 additional MixMatch, double or single sided bits in the body of the tool
  • Long and short lever arm (high and low torque)
  • Screwdriver style functionality (ultra low torque)
  • Short lever folding in and out functionality for slim form factor. Lock-in mechanism for both positions.
  • Easy access of stored bits, also with gloves
  • Weight: 57 grams
  • Corrosion resistant hardened stainless steel
  • Length 96mm / diameter 14.5mm
  • Inscriptions: Laser engraving
  • Each bit can be used on both lever sides
  • Bits are held by neodymium magnets (nickel-copper-epoxy coated for best corrosion resistance)
  • Comes with adapter to fit any Incredible carrying option. For the handlebar mount, the tool needs a straight section of 119mm


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