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I’ve been behind DMR bars for 20 years this year and couldn’t be more stoked to have the chance to design and create my own signature handlebars.
The Odub bar is the result of 20 years of development and feedback with DMR, as well as product design over the last decade, which is a pretty crazy thought!
I like riding everything, from dirt jumps to XC, and I wanted a bar shape which would feel familiar across all my bikes – the 5º upsweep / 8º back bend is what I found to be perfect after trying all kinds of different shapes.

The three rise options cover everything I need. The high rise 50mm works perfect on my dirt jump bike, the 35mm rise on my everyday 150mm trail bike, and the 20mm I use on my EMTB.
I use the 35mm clamp bar, and also wanted to offer √∏31.8mm so people can use them on their existing stems. Obviously this is all down to personal preference but those are what I run right now. I run mine at various widths across my bike shed but the bars come in 780mm and 800mm widths on the 31.8 and 35 respectively. My dirt jump bike gets cut down to 750mm and all the others at 770mm.
I don’t like waste so the bars come with no packaging and the barcode is on the product itself.

The choice to go 7075 over carbon was easy for me. Carbon seems a dangerous option when you’re clamping brakes, dropper levers and gear shifters onto it… not to mention throwing your bike in the back of a van. Handlebars are not a product I want to worry about failing and the Odub Bar fits that.
We used spiral butting on the bar to increase strength and durability without adding weight. This means the bars are stronger and lighter than anything we’ve previously produced. After all this time I didn’t wanna put my name to anything that I didn’t think was perfect. These bars are the S**T!'
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