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Fox 38 Factory 29 Grip X2 Fork 2025

Fox 38 Factory 29 Grip X2 Fork 2025

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Axle and Offset

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All the revolutionary features of the brand-new 36 packaged in a super-stout chassis engineered specifically for modern hard-hitting, long travel enduro-style riding. The all-new 38 is hungry to devour all you can throw at it and ask for more.


  • Steerer tube design incorporates elliptical shaping in taper zone, further maximizing stiffness to weight ratio.
  • Lower leg bleeders.
  • Air/oil channels.
  • Unique design maximizes stiffness to weight and offers improved head tube clearance via radical NEW arch shape.
  • 31% stiffer transverse shear, 9% stiffer fore/aft and 20% torsionally stiffer than 36.
  • Updated EVOL air spring.
  • 58mm crown diameter to match modern frame shape profiles.
  • Optional mudguard with sturdy and seamless 4-point direct-mount attachment protects upper tubes and dust wipers from dirt and debris.


  • Damper: GRIP X2
  • Travel: 160 - 180mm.
  • Offset Options:
    • 44mm.
  • Wheel Size: 27.5" & 29".
  • Axle Options:
    • Kabolt-X 110mm.
  • Steerer: 1.5 Tapered.
  • Colour: Gloss Orange& Gloss Black
  • Upper leg finish: Genuine Kashima Coat.

NEW GRIP X2 Damper

To create the ultimate descent-focused damper, we sought the level of tunability seen in motocross and supercross racing suspension. Our award-winning Grip 2 damper had a 20 mm base valve diameter and seven valves. Grip X2 scaled up the tunability by increasing the base valve diameter to 24 mm with 23 valves. The result is the most tunable, supportive, and smoothest descent-focused fork damper ever created by FOX.

Riders reap the benefits of sitting higher in the travel while tires stay glued to the ground. They can corner with increased traction, giving them the confidence to push the limits of downhill and enduro racing, all while reducing overall rider fatigue.

GRIP X2 is the winning difference.

23 Count Valve Stackfor unprecedented tunability and quicker response to bumps.

Our award-winning Grip 2damper had a 20 mm base valve diameter and seven valves. Grip X2 scaled up the tunability by increasing the base valve diameter to 24mm with 23 valves.

24mm Base Valvelowers pressure to increase sensitivity and allows space for more damping circuitry.

Pressure Balancingmaintains low positive pressure, allowing 5-10ms damper response time to rider inputs.

4-Way Adjustabilitywith high/low-speed compression and high/ low-speed rebound, now with less cross talk.

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