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Peatys Bicycle Brush Set

Peatys Bicycle Brush Set

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As well as being available individually, our brushes are also available as a 4 piece brush set to help ensure every part of your bike has that showroom Ready finish! With great value to the consumer (8% saving over purchasing Each brush individually).


  • 1x bog brush: 360 degrees of super soft durable bristles for clatter-free Cleaning all over your beloved bicycle.
  • 1x detail brush: perfect for tight hard-to-clean gaps like suspension Linkages, seat rails, hubs and more.
  • 1x drivetrain brush: angle your hands away from impact while brushing your Chain & cassette to perfection.
  • 1x tyre brush: stiff, stepped bristles to quickly and efficiently bring your Tyres back to factory fresh.
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