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Peatys Disc Brake Cleaner

Peatys Disc Brake Cleaner

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PEATY'S DISC BRAKE CLEANER is a unique, rapidly spraying blend of fast-drying solvents designed to blast away contaminants such as dust, greases and oils from braking components. Designed to improve braking performance and re-condition tired brake pads. For use on all functional components in brake assemblies, including callipers, discs and pads. It's also readily biodegradable too so you don't have to unnecessarily damage the environment to have banging brake performance!

We've designed our 400ml can to be short and girthy to fit easier into your toolbox, while the coloured identifier rings help you quickly find the can you want amongst the stack of aerosol cans you already have.


  • Improves braking performance.
  • Dissolves greases and oils.
  • Re-conditions brake pads.
  • Reduces brake squeal.
  • Carbon safe.
  • Readily biodegradable formula.
  • 400ml of product in a compact can.
  • Colour coded ring for easy worktop identification.


  1. Shake can thoroughly before use.
  2. Place a drip tray underneath the work area.
  3. Spray liberally onto the surface to be treated and allow the contaminated liquid to drain into the tray. Agitation with a brush will assist in the removal of stubborn contamination.
  4. Blast parts again until all contamination has been removed then wipe away any excess deposits with a soft absorbent cloth.
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