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Peatys Drivetrain Brush

Peatys Drivetrain Brush

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Ever knuckle punched a cassette tooth while cleaning? It hurts! To combat bleeding knuckles, our unique angled head moves your hand away from the sharp spinning cassette while scrubbing. The stiff, durable bristles have a low middle channel for the chain to sit into. This creates stiffer bristles in the centre for tough scrubbing, while the chisel-cut tip helps to scrape gunk off jockey wheels.


  • Angled brush head for ergonomics.
  • Lower centre with stiffer bristles provides a channel for the chain To sit into.
  • Softer and longer outer bristles for cleaning the sides of the chain.
  • Chisel cut handle end to remove gunk from jockey wheels.
  • Made from waxed beech wood.
  • Laser etched Peaty's logo on the handle.
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