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Peatys Plush Suspension Grease

Peatys Plush Suspension Grease

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Peaty's Suspension grease is a lithium-free grease specifically developed for use in suspension forks, rear shocks and dropper seatposts.

Moving parts create friction. This causes most greases to change in viscosity (known as shear thinning), which can rapidly change the feel & performance of your suspension.

Our grease has been designed to have a controlled level of shear thinning which means your suspension will feel consistently plush throughout your ride or race run. This then also makes it non-migratory which means it stays where you put it!

Non-toxic, transparent, clean-running and highly resistant to water washout, our grease has added corrosion inhibitors and is compatible with all elastomers, o-rings, seals and oil baths.


  • For suspension forks, rear shocks & dropper posts.
  • Controlled shear thinning for consistent plush performance.
  • Non-migratory so stays where you put it!
  • Biodegradable.
  • 100% PCR & PIR Recycled Packaging.
  • M15 threaded cap.
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