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Peatys Workshop Roll Rim Tape

Peatys Workshop Roll Rim Tape

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Designed by pro riders, mechanics and scientists, Peaty's Rim Job has been developed from the ground up as a bicycle rim tape. The super high tensile strength tape is primed with a bespoke adhesive which clings like s**t to a blanket, yet leaves a minimal mess when removed.

An optimum amount of stretch and large rigid recyclable core allows the tape to be pulled and applied with tension, contouring your rim tightly for a better fit.

Do you struggle to find the hole? No problem! Just hold your rim up to the light and the tape's semi-transparent finish will illuminate the way.

Our tape comes on 9meter and 50meter rolls in four different width options - 21mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm.

One 9 meter roll will cover approximately:

  • 5 x 26" Rims.
  • 4 x 27.5" Rims.
  • 4 x 29" Rims.
  • 4 x 700c Rims.

One 50 meter roll will cover approximately:

  • 27 x 26" Rims.
  • 22 x 27.5" Rims.
  • 22 x 29" Rims.
  • 22 x 700C Rims.


  1. Remove tyre and any old rim tape.
  2. Clean and degrease rim thoroughly (nobody likes a dirty rim!).
  3. Ensure rim is completely dry before application.
  4. Starting at least 10cm before the valve hole, Press the tape firmly into the centre of the rim and smooth out to the edges, removing any trapped air.
  5. Run tape around the rim while keeping tape tension and allowing for at least 10cm overlap of tape at the end when cut.
  6. Use a small spike to pierce the tape in the centre of the valve hole.
  7. Remove dust cap and push valve through the valve hole.
  8. Apply lock ring tightly by hand, ensuring there are no air gaps.
  9. Refit tyre, add Peaty's Tubeless Sealant, inflate tyre.
  10. Ride!.
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