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DMR DeathGrip Flange

DMR DeathGrip Flange

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The DMR DeathGrip is the second collaboration between DMR bikes and Brendog.
‘I wanted to make the ultimate grip to go on all my bikes: AM to DH. I combined the following features and the DeathGrip is what we ended up with!’ Brendan Fairclough.

• Tapered Core for Security.
• Waffle and Knurl for Grip.
• Mushroom for comfort.

We started with an internally tapered single-lock core grip and wrapped Brendan's design around it in soft Kraton compound for the ultimate mountain bike handlebar grip. These DMR Grips are available in various colours, soft or firm.


• Tapered Core | No need for outer lock ring.
• This DMR Deathgrip has Waffle and Knurl for grip.
• Mushroom for comfort.
• Thick (ø31.3).
• Soft durometer of 20A.
• 100g per pair.

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