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DT Swiss

DT Swiss 240 EXP 6 Bolt Rear Hub

DT Swiss 240 EXP 6 Bolt Rear Hub

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  • In 1994 DT Swiss launched the original Hügi ratchet rear hub, a marvel of Swiss precision engineering that set new standards for reliability and quality in the industry
  • DT's twin-ratchet 240 is now an established gold standard for lightweight and reliable rear hubs but time doesn't stand still and with 25 years of research, development and production experience behind them, it was time for DT Swiss's engineers to look again at the technology DT pioneered so many years ago
  • The result is the new generation of 240 hubs with Ratchet EXP, an even more refined and evolved ratchet system, by moving the drive-side hub bearing inside the inner 36 tooth ratchet itself, DT have decreased the number of moving parts whilst giving the bearings a wider stance
  • The result is a hub that is even more reliable and up to 20% lighter than the previous generation 240 and stiffer to boot with improved bearing alignment and long term durability, truly the finest hubs DT have ever made
  • The extensively machined hub shell, axle and end caps contribute to make these the lightest 240 hubs yet with no reduction in performance or long term durability
  • As with previous generations, the Ratchet EXP system is designed around a No-Tool system making servicing simple, further aided by new easy to remove, machined end caps
  • Custom made DT steel bearings offer the same near legendary long term durability and ease of replacement that the 240 has always been known for
  • Weights start at just 294 grams a pair
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