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DT Swiss

DT Swiss HXC 1501 SPLINE One Front Wheel

DT Swiss HXC 1501 SPLINE One Front Wheel

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With weights as low as 1,800 grams for a durable E-Bike wheelset intended for long term use on full-power rigs, the HXC 1501 is the flagship Hybrid wheelset from the number 1 name in E-MTB wheels

  • E-MTB's are tough on wheels, really tough, not only is there the added weight and higher maximum drive torque but E-MTB riders tend to ride further and more frequently, this adds up to a real challenge for anyone looking to design a truly durable wheel for long term E-MTB use
  • The result is DT's mission Hybrid, the first wheel engineering project to look specifically at the challenges of heavy duty E-MTB use for wheels
  • So, what's changed? the short answer... Everything!
  • New for the HXC 1501s, the rear hub now features DT's new E-MTB-specific Ratchet EXP oversized, with an enlarged mechanism allowing us to go up to a super-durable, 30 tooth mechanism that will go the distance
  • The rims have reinforced spoke beds to resist fatigue and handle high loads for long periods of time
  • The straight pull spokes are custom made for Hybrid with an oversized 2.35 mm hub interface designed to protect one of the key points of stress on any wheel
  • In order for a wheel to pass as Hybrid certified in DT's inhouse testing lab it has to survive 50% more lifecycles, its spokes and rims have to endure 20% higher load tests and the bearings must be able to handle almost twice the maximum load of a standard wheel
  • Whilst intended for E-MTB use, the Hybrid range is also ideal for larger riders, bike packers or anyone looking for a really durable wheelset with a high weight limit
  • The HXC carbon rims feature a tough, hookless design with a 30 or 35 mm internal width to support modern high volume trail rubber
  • System weight limit: 140KG, Come with DT tubeless rim tape and valves included
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