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Fox 34 Factory 29 Grip X Fork 2025

Fox 34 Factory 29 Grip X Fork 2025

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Axle and Offset

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The hard charging do it all trail fork. Smoother, lighter, more tunable, and more capable than ever before; when it comes to a do-it-all trail fork the 34 is in a class of its own.


  • NEW GRIP X Damper.
  • Arch shape offers improved head tube clearance with shorter rakes.
  • 58mm diameter crown.


When it's time to climb, simply rotate the high-speed compression adjuster clockwise until you feel the final distinct click. At that point, Grip X simultaneously closes both high and low-speed compression, allowing a firm platform for efficient power transfer to the pedals. Before dropping in, back the highspeed adjuster off to the desired setting and descend with all the added traction and predictability, without compromise. Grip X lets you dominate all-mountain.

120g Lighter than the Grip X2 while maintaining similar traction and predictability.

Firm Mode engages at final click of high-speed compression. Easily accessible when climbing.

3-Way Adjustability (rebound, high/lowspeed compression) for easier set up and trail functionality.

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