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Fox 36 Factory 29 Grip X Fork 2025

Fox 36 Factory 29 Grip X Fork 2025

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Axle and Offset

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Welcome to the coronation. FOX 36: The undisputed all-mountain champion gets a new crown. The FOX 36 benefits from an update in the form of a new crown with updated design and engineering for more steer tube overlap improving durability and maintaining stiffness while dropping 20 grams.

Crown - Lighter by 20 grams, while increasing steerer-tube overlap at the CSU, the new crown design improves durability while our engineering maintains stiffness and drops weight.

Axle - Kabolt, a lightweight bolt-on floating axle to shave grams and increase torsional stiffness via a sleeveless, single-sided pinch bolt design.

Lower Leg Bypass Channels - Increasing air volume within the lower legs reduces the amount of additional unintended pressure ramping. Lower leg bath oil also circulates to the upper reaches of the legs, continuously lubricating the foam rings and bushings as the fork compresses and extends through its travel.

Lower Leg Bleeders - Allows for atmospheric pressure equalization for better fork performance, allowing full travel to be achieved and increasing small bump sensitivity and responsiveness.

Lower Leg Arch - Our new lower leg design pulls out all the stops, shaving every possible gram while making sure not to compromise stiffness or strength requirements of modern enduro and gravity-style riding.


  • Damper: GRIP X.
  • Travel: 150 - 160mm.
  • Offset Options:
    • 37mm.
  • Wheel Size: 29".
  • Axle Options:
    • Kabolt-X 110mm.
  • Steerer: 1.5 Tapered.
  • Colour: Gloss Orange & Gloss Black.
  • Upper leg finish: Genuine Kashima Coat.


When it's time to climb, simply rotate the high-speed compression adjuster clockwise until you feel the final distinct click. At that point, Grip X simultaneously closes both high and low-speed compression, allowing a firm platform for efficient power transfer to the pedals. Before dropping in, back the highspeed adjuster off to the desired setting and descend with all the added traction and predictability, without compromise. Grip X lets you dominate all-mountain.

120g Lighter than the Grip X2 while maintaining similar traction and predictability.

Firm Mode engages at final click of high-speed compression. Easily accessible when climbing.

3-Way Adjustability (rebound, high/lowspeed compression) for easier set up and trail functionality.

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