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mountainFLOW Bamboo Cleaning Brush Set

mountainFLOW Bamboo Cleaning Brush Set

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mountainFLOW's new cleaning brushes are made from bamboo and recycled plastic and they're sweet!

  • FRAME BRUSH: Super soft bristles to clean your entire bike. Safe on surfaces.
    • The long soft bristles are designed to get into all the nooks and crannies and loosen up the dirt and grime. 
  • CHAIN BRUSH: Tough bristles to remove the toughest grime from your drivetrain.
    • Scrub vigorously to loosen up the gunk that is stuck down in the pins and rollers of your chain. This is where the real friction can build up. 
  • ERGONOMIC: Comfy bamboo handle makes the job easier.

♻️ Made from Bamboo + Recycled Plastic ♻️

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