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MTB Hopper

MTB Hopper Lil Air

MTB Hopper Lil Air

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A portable ramp with Airy geometry for MTB and BMX bicycles

Lil Air is very portable. It can be carried as a backpack or when assembled it can be dragged on its wheels either by hand or by bike. Lil Air has a big height adjustment amplitude (from 895 to 990 mm)
This makes Lil Air very adaptable to various both natural and urban landings.
It also works perfectly with our new product - the Pad landing

As Lil Air’s construction is designed to be shock absorbing, the ramp is beginner friendly and provides a smooth jumping experience. The ability to transport the ramp, either as a backpack or with wheels, turns the ramp into a one-stop shop for all your jumping needs. We’ve managed to find an unprecedented ratio of size, portability, and compactness. A backpack that turns into a 1-meter tall, 2 meters long ramp!

Designed for:
1. From intermediate to experienced riders.
2. For beginners looking to learn how to jump from square one. For that, we recommend the Lil Air + Pad set.

Assembly: 5 min
Weight limit: 150 kg
Ready to use dimensions:
895 - 990 (height), 500 (width), 2100 mm (length).
Briefcase measurements: 250 x 530 x 670 mm
Product weight (total): 18 kg

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