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OneUp Dropper Post V3

OneUp Dropper Post V3

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The OneUp dropper post is dead, Long live the OneUp dropper post

The V2 has been a Brink staff favourite since it first arrived on our doorstep... but now it goes one better! Imaginatively named the V3.


More Lighter!

This is the lightest infinitely adjustable dropper post on the market. Even lighter than 2-position XC specific lightweight posts and suitable for all rider heights, weights and riding styles. Save an additional 10g with the Ti Bolt Upgrade Kit.

Moar Smoother!

This is the best feeling dropper you’ll ever ride. It takes 75% less actuation force to drop your saddle, it has ultra low-friction, self-lubricating IGUS® bushings and a low friction SKF® wiper seal keep the V3 running smoother for longer, with less maintenance.

MOAR Reliable-er!

A simple and reliable low-maintenance design is insanely easy to work on at home using only a multi-tool or three standard tools (14mm wrench, 2mm & 5mm hex). Plus, it has a super long, 350-hour interval between recommended services.


Whether you ride an XS or XXL, the V3 is the longest post that will fit your bike. It has the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any other post and offers 20mm of adjustable travel.

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