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OneUp EDC Tube Strap Mount

OneUp EDC Tube Strap Mount

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The EDC Tube Strap Mount is a flat mounting bracket with an included OneUp EDC Tension Strap. It lets you carry a spare tube without scratching or scuffing your frame. The strap’s adjustable 355mm length lets you carry other stuff too, and it's replaceable.


Product Specs

  • Weight (with EDC Strap): 62g
  • Weight (w/o EDC Strap): 44g
  • Material: Injection molded PA + 35% GF


What's in the Box

  • 2x Mounting Bolts
  • 1x EDC Gear Tension Strap
  • 1x EDC Tube Mounting Bracket


Things you Should Know

The EDC Tube Strap Mount is compatible with all standard water bottle mounts.

The EDC Tube Strap Mount was designed to be bolted underneath your top tube, using the accessory mount found on many modern mountain bikes. However, it also works great with any standard water bottle mount or additional accessory mounts.

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