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Pivot Vault Pro Ultegra Di2

Pivot Vault Pro Ultegra Di2

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The Pivot Cycles Vault Pro Ultegra Di2 is a gravel race bike designed to flourish on any surface, thanks to its generous tyre clearance, all-mountain geometry and attention to all-day comfort. Asphalt, gravel, singletrack – it’s all the same to this versatile hardtail model.

Dual dropped chainstays and the inclusion of a super-wide BB386EVO bottom bracket ensure that this frame is compatible with a wide range of wheels, from 700 x 47c to 650b x 2.0”. This means you can choose to prioritise acceleration over smoother surfaces or consistent speed over rougher terrain, or else opt for a happy medium.

The chunky BB also increases the stiffness and strength of Pivot's proprietary Hollow Core carbon frame, which at just 998g already boasts an impressive stiffness to weight ratio and is shaped to maximise power output. The frame will conduct every watt of effort you put into your pedalling to the wheels with efficiency, letting you reach high speeds and be competitive.

Performance isn't the only priority of the Vault Pro Ultegra Di2, though. The patent pending ISO Flex insert ensures the seatpost remains totally separate from the frame. The latter can therefore be reinforced for maximum stiffness and durability, while the former can be tailored to maximise your comfort. You can purchase a 30.9mm insert for maximum versatility or stick with the included 27.2mm insert to use the stock, chatter-combatting Phoenix Pro ISO Flex Carbon seatpost.

The inclusion of the bike's namesake Shimano Ultegra groupset components, including the compact, precise Shimano Ultegra Di2 8150 derailleur, the seamlessly functioning Shimano Ultegra HG-8100 cassette and the fast-acting Shimano Ultegra Di2 8170 shifter, ensures a responsive performance and a smooth ride. When required, the easy-to-maintain Shimano Ultegra 8170 2-piston brake set will bring you to a controlled stop from any speed, over any ground.

Incredibly versatile, the Pivot Cycles Vault Pro Ultegra Di2 bike will carry you over everything from major roads to remote singletrack quickly and smoothly, making it a perfect steed to use for exploration and races alike. It also includes the Pivot Cable Port System, for a clean finish, and compatibility with the Pivot Tool Dock System, to ensure you'll be able to get back on track if you suffer a mechanical mid-race. Trust it to accompany you on all your cycling adventures.

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