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RRP ProGuard Front Bolt On

RRP ProGuard Front Bolt On

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ProGuard Bolt-on is the first large direct-mount mudguard of it's type. It offers outstanding protection from mud and spray, and provides a slick factory look thanks to not requiring zip ties or velcro straps to secure it in place.

The perfect guard for enduro or downhill racers and essential for weekend warriors looking for the very best protection whilst maximising tyre clearance and reducing the mud clogging issues seen with other mudguards of this style.

  • 2 sizes:¬†Standard offers high levels of protection.¬†Mini is ideal for all year round mudguard offering good protection thats more descreet
  • Easy to install or remove with no zip ties or velcro straps
  • Height adjustability by 6mm and angle adjustability for better fit if needed via 2 tilt brackets supplied
  • 2 Thick rubber pads on the sides protect your forks
  • Matte textured finish with gloss highlights, plus sticker recess for easy fit and sticker protection
  • Long front to sheild from high speed mud and spray
  • Smaller turn down at front for better tyre clearance and to reduce mud blockages
  • Long rear with flick design offers more protection especially during cornering
  • Seal shield increases protection and extends fork service intervals
  • Made with RRP's unique polypropylene mix which gives great¬†flexibility, durability and strength
  • Standard: 130g, Mini: 104g



  • 2016 - 2021 FOX 32, 34, 36, 38, 40(a), 49
  • 2022 FOX 34(b), 36(c), 38, 40
  • (a) 2020 FOX 40 (26‚Äù or 27.5‚Äù) or older needs Adapter Bracket (PGBOF40) ‚Äì sold separately
  • (b) 2022 FOX 34 needs Stability Bracket if the rear of the brace is hollowed out (not available yet)
  • (c) 2022 FOX 36 needs Stability Bracket (supplied)


  • NEW MARZOCCHI FORKS(d) (Fox chassis version)
  • (d) Z2 forks may not come with threaded holes
  • 2021 ROCKSHOX 35(e)
  • 2021 ROCKSHOX Recon(e)
  • 2021 ROCKSHOX Paragon(e)
  • (e)use the SR Suntour M6 centre bolt


  • 2019 OHLINS RXF34, RXF36, DH38(f) (or older)
  • (f) DH 38 requires Stability Bracket (PGOSB) - sold separately. NOTE: above adapter also fits RXF36 and adds stability


  • 2019 SR SUNTOUR FORKS (g) (or older)
  • (g) forks that have an unthreaded straight through hole in the centre of the fork brace needs our SLEEVE PACK (PGBOSP) - sold separately


  • 2021 DVO D1 Diamond Boost (h)
  • 2021 DVO D1 ONYX Boost SC (i)
  • (h) needs our custom bolt / washer (PGBODVOB)
  • (i) needs our custom adapter bracket and custom M4 bolt / washer (PGBODVO)
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