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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Heckler SL C 2024

Santa Cruz Heckler SL C 2024

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The Santa Cruz Heckler SL is like the Heckler but SLeeker, SLinkier SLimmer and also  SLenderer, ready to  SLaughter the trails.

Like a Bronson with a Motor, is how we described the Heckler OG... but the Heckler SL is even more Bronsonier and less motory because the motor is straight out of the borrowers. It's so tiny it's actually made by oompa loompas, or made out of them, I forget which, but needless to say it's crazy light and just like a proper bike!

For the motor nerds out there, it's time to celebrate because 'Hallelujah it's Fazujah' (spelt Fazua for the spelling police out there).

Fazua are owned by Porsche don't you know, so they aren't mucking about. 60Nm of torque and the battery has 430Wh.


If after all that you are wondering what SL stands for after all that, it's not:

  • Sausage Legs
  • Slippery Lizard
  • Sexy Ladyboys
  • Stupid Lego

Hope that helps, now buy one!

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