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Sensus Crue Pedals

Sensus Crue Pedals

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After a lifetime of research + three years of development, we finally introduce to you, the greatest flat pedal ever created.

The Crue Pedal was meticulously designed to achieve the best grip, pedal-feel, rock deflection, durability, serviceability, low center of gravity and weight.

Sparing no expense, the engineering and production time on the Crue Pedal is extensive. Where most brands would have cut costs, we kept going in the quest for the pedal we’ve always wanted. We are equally as excited to finally ride our dream pedal as we are to offer it to you.

With an asymmetrical design, we were able to achieve incredible rock deflection on the front leading edge, while keeping the front foot surface wide, where it matters most.

Our non-vertically-offset platforms provide an enormous 16 square inches of pedal surface, while keeping the overall dimensions and weight to a minimum.

Featuring IGUS bushings, primarily used on Trophy Trucks racing in Baja, the internals of the Crue Pedal are just as impressive as the outside. Double ABEC main bearings for added strength and longevity, as well as an 8mm dust-seal to make servicing easy for years to come.

With quadrilateral concave, the Crue Pedal provides you an incredible 1/4” of concave (6mm), giving these pedals the most grip and pedal feel of anything on the market.

To keep the spindle strong, there is only 8mm from crank arm to pedal-body, also providing less pedal exposed to rocks, and keeping your feet close to the bike for more control.

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