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Smith Squad XL Goggles

Smith Squad XL Goggles

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Take a deep breath and hit the reset button. Drop in with new-found focus. Made for challenging downhills where crystal-clear vision is mandatory, the Smith Squad XL MTB goggles are the bigger version of our Squad MTB. They have a massive curved shape and come with one clear and one high-contrast ChromaPop™ lens so you can easily see all the details of the run (the Clear Single only comes with a Clear lens). Maximum ventilation and a design that integrates with our helmets make these goggles a no-brainer when high speed is on your agenda.

If you've come landed on this page because you were looking for an XL strap to fit around your massive bonce, then fear not the goggle strap is adjustable to huge swede size and it's also stretchy so it'll even accommodate noggins that'll block out the sun.

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