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Forbidden Druid

12 January 2022

35% Off High Pivot Sorcery!

The ultimate beast mode trail machine now from only £3299!

A corner slaying, square-edge hit destroying hooligan of a bike! The Druid will transform the way you see your local trail. It inspires confidence and feels nimble and light but the very clever rearward axle path glues it to the ground through the rough stuff. With 130mm of linkage driven suspension travel and some incredible high pivot technology, the Druid punches way above its weight!

Available in three spec levels and 29 or mullet flavours! Custom builds are available with Fox or Push shock options for added bling!

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Druid SLX side shot
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Forbidden Druid Egg Plant
Forbiden Druid Woods
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High Pivot Witchcraft

High pivot? Idler sprocket? Pedal kickback? Flux Capacitor? What does it all mean?

Well! Here's what Forbidden say.....

"The most obvious feature of our Trifecta suspension system is the high pivot point and the resulting rearward axle path it produces. Unlike some other frame designs that talk of a rearward portion of their axle path, the height of our main pivot within the frame structure means our axle path takes a completely rearward trajectory throughout its travel This rearward motion allows the rear wheel to move with, not against, any size of impact. This, in turn, allows the bike to remain composed and maintain momentum through rough terrain.

The lengthening of the rear-center during compression also exhibits the advantageous trait of stabilizing the chassis during bigger impacts and compressions. Imagine a weight bias that is playful when high in the travel, but inherently more composed when you need it the most; that’s what a high pivot can bring to your trail riding experience.

Anti-rise is another term often discussed and regularly misunderstood; it is the term used to describe the effect braking has on the suspension system. Significant anti-rise was once seen as a negative trait. However, as our understanding of chassis dynamics has improved, and more importantly, as our riding styles have evolved, it is now seen as a useful aspect that can be used to further tune the ride handling of the bike. The level of anti-rise in our system helps counteract the inevitable fork dive associated with the heavy braking loads often encountered with modern, aggressive trail riding. This result is consistent chassis stability under heavy braking."

High Pivot

Suspension Rate Control

Controlling the rate at which your shock is being pushed by the linkage sounds like an easy thing to do as a bike designer but it comes with a whole host of complications. However in our opinion, Forbidden have got this bob on! And here's how!

"The beating heart of our Trifecta suspension system, the Rate Control Linkage, is used to manipulate the leverage rate as the suspension compresses. In recent times we have seen a somewhat all-encompassing search for more progressivity and an understandable by-product of modern mountain biking. It stands to reason that as trail speeds increase and impacts become greater, the need for more mid-stroke support and end stroke resistance is ever-present.

However, the compromise here is that with too much progression, the suspension system’s ability to absorb impacts can be negatively affected. By employing relatively small links that see a dramatic change in velocity, we can independently tune the critical stages of the shock’s compression. Supple off the top, our goal for the Druid’s mid-stroke was to provide adequate support, yet remain open enough to absorb repetitive hits with no harshness.

The end-stroke sees a further increase in the rate of change and is all about that bottom-out resistance required to absorb the big hits and landings that come out of nowhere. The final result is a bike that can outperform bikes with significantly more travel, generate grip and pop almost simultaneously while offering an unworldly ability to absorb the big hits. While this might sound boastful, don’t just take our word on this, read the reviews."

Rate Control

Geo & Sizing

Forbidden have gone to great lengths with the Druid to make sure your bike fits you perfectly and not only that but each size has a completely different front and rear end so the awesome geometry is optimized for each size which means you get the best riding bike possible!

Here's the sizing philosophy straight from the horse's mouth:

"One of our core philosophies is that everyone who rides our bikes should experience a similar ride characteristic, regardless of your size or stature. To this end, we have put extra effort into our geometry and sizing and one of the major contributing factors behind a bike’s overall ride feel is its weight balance. The term ‘weight balance’ refers to the relationship between the rear-centre and the front centre, and the resultant position of the rider’s centre of gravity between the tire contact patches. How each tire is weighted, directly affects the grip characteristics of the bike.

This weight distribution will also have a profound effect on both the [bike’s] agility and its stability. Many brands talk about their bikes having “balanced geometry”, yet they only use a single rear-centre (chainstay) measurement across all frame sizes. If the rear-centre remains constant with each size while the front-centre changes, then it stands to reason that each size [of bike] will see a different weight distribution and therefore a different ride characteristic. At Forbidden, in an effort to ensure a consistent ride experience across all sizes, we employ a scaled rear-centre measurement for each individual frame size."

Druid geo chart
Forbidden Druid 8