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2022 is a 'More Party' year for Transition! Mixed wheel size for the Patrol, the Spire goes big, the Spur goes far and everyone needs a PBJ in their life! Geometry continues to evolve, spec levels remain fantastic value for money and in a chaotic and uncertain world bikes still make life better. But, Transition bikes make life better-er!

2020 Transition Patrol Alloy

2022 Transition Patrol Alloy

From £5399.95

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Transition Sentinel Carbon 2021 1

2022 Transition Sentinel Carbon

From £5499.95

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Transition Scout Carbon 2020 4

2022 Transition Scout Carbon

From £5499.95

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2020 Transition PBJ

2022 Transition PBJ

Frame only £429.95

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Transition Repeater 2022 2

2022 Transition Repeater

From £7199.95

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